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Examples of costs: In general, all expenses related to the production function of a company, such as: Purchase materials, production equipment Insurance, Surveillance Plant Production, Wages of employees of the productive area, depreciation of equipment, utilities plant production, maintenance expenses, etc..

Examples of expenses: All expenses related and Administrative functions of an organization, such as: Salaries of administrative and sales, depreciation of buildings where administrative and marketing offices, stationery and costs of the work office of General Management, Accounting, Budget, Treasury, Internal Audit, General File, etc. The cost of goods sold is the cost of production become spending.

Production Cost, Cost of Sales and Total Cost

Production costs (also called program de gestiune operating costs) are the costs required to maintain a project online processing or operating equipment. In a standard company, the difference between the income (sales and other sources) and the cost of production indicates the gross profit.

Retail Price

The retail price is the total amount the buyer must meet including taxes levied on the product.
The selling prices of items will be freely determined by each facility in accordance with the provisions of the law of defense of freedom and fair competition.

In the retail business is required to display, along with the goods and products offered to consumers, clearly visible and legible, the selling price corresponding to the same audience. This behaves the same obligation as well to facilitate the good or product at the price offered.

It is therefore essential that the Logistics business activity will collaborate with the Marketing function, in order to give a clear view to the full cost associated with the goods logistics unit volume by hypothesis, allowing a moderate margin reliably. State of production costs and production costs and selling results.

Is financial statement that shows the integration and quantification of the raw material, labor and overhead that helps us appreciate the finished production and transformed to meet the cost of manufacture.

Raw Material Used: Sometimes the company does not provide us with information of the raw material used for production, raw material transferred to the production area for processing into finished units. In this case, it is possible to determine its value indirectly using three main types of information from the Materia Prima.

Here it should be noted that the purchase price of the raw material is given by the invoice value plus any expenses incurred (freight, insurance, office expenses, etc..) Until the material is in the tank company ready to be used.